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Enemy Territory
Opponent: -7Co- 7Co (website)
Date: 19 February 2005 (in -5485 days.)
Time: 08:00 GMT
War Arranger: [fP]Kat**
Official match: yes

Server-Name: [fP]Demolition Center
Players per Team: 5 players (+ 3 reserve)
Please indicate ur choice of map when you sign up.
Additional Info
No additional info.
Signed up Members

5 avaible / 3 more required

[fP]HardKiller 01 February whiiii, i can :P
Koene 07 February probably, I'll see at what time i get back home
Slayer 15 February i will be there
[fP]Kat** 17 February :D im available
[fP]Kennie** 19 February /me is in
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